Counseling & Coaching



Marital Coaching

If your marriage is in trouble, you’ve come to the right place. We help couples pick up the broken pieces — mending trust, strengthening communication, deepening intimacy, and awakening a new level of excitement. These sessions are designed for couples who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and do the “hard work.” This investment pays big dividends. You’ll finally have the marriage that you’ve longed for.

Pre-Marital (In Person) Coaching

The process of preparing for a long-lasting and exciting marriage should be fun and life-changing. In each session, we prepare you for the challenges that married couples face — while helping you explore your deep and most-intimate desires. From money, sex, kids, and spirituality … to communication, expectations, and dreams — everything is on the table, and we make it fun!


Marital and Pre-Marital (Skype®) Coaching

Thanks to technology, you can strengthen your relationship from any location. We offer one-on-one marital and pre-marital coaching via Skype®. This convenience allows couples from all over the world to benefit from our services. Plus, it makes the coaching process more convenient for you. You can strengthen your relationship when the kids are sleeping, when the two of you are apart, when you’re traveling, and even when you’re on a lunch break. Here’s the best part: we offer emergency Skype® appointments when you have an unexpected “situation.” This helps you de-escalate an argument before it becomes a full-blown relationship crisis.