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  • Shattered focuses on what can cause small cracks in a relationship to grow into a catastrophic rupture.  
  • The Mitchells identify “The Big Three” difficulties that cause marriages to shatter: a breakdown in communication, a breakdown in intimacy, and a breakdown of trust.  
  • The Mitchells apply a creative and compelling approach to identify those relationship cracks through a combination of theories, personal testimonies, and experiences of couples they have consulted over the years. They examine not only how these issues can appear in a relationship but also how, if unchecked, they can make a marriage toxic or even destroy it.  
  • Perhaps the deepest value of Shattered is that it offers couples a proven process, based on the Ministry of Reconciliation, to help them pick up the pieces of their lives and broken relationship, reframe their shared vision of a life together, and move forward to a more fulfilling relationship.


Joel and Naomi Mitchell founded The Family and Marriage Institute of Chicago, a not-for-profit organization that provides pastoral care and counseling to individuals and families, and The Marriage Investors, LLC, where they provide marriage consulting and coaching services.  

Over their fifteen years as husband and wife, Joel and Naomi have developed a passion for married couples and families who need to restore wholeness by healing brokenness. They are committed to reconciling relationships, deepening love, and securing familial bonds. With the right tools and support, they believe marriages can be restored, families can love again, and individuals can live lives of purpose, passion, and promise.  

The Mitchells have extensive experience in social services and counseling. They love God and consider God an integral part of their marriage and their lives.  

Naomi and Joel are both members of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  

They are the proud parents of three children, a set of 14-year-old twin boys, Jasper Caleb and Jacobi Israel, and a 12-year-old daughter, Sidni Joi.  


In their monumental work, Shattered, noted marriage and family consultants Joel and Naomi Mitchell have crafted a guide to the reconciliation of broken marriages. Using episodes from the lives of three couples to illustrate marriages in trouble, the authors establish their bona fides based on extensive counseling experience as well as moments from their own lives as a married couple. Marriages in trouble present different symptoms, but the core issue is one of reconciliation: with God, with oneself, and with one’s partner. Shattered can be used as a stand-alone book or in combination with counseling or group study. The Mitchells do not disappoint!  

Dr. Joyce Gay Saint John Church-Baptist Chicago, IL  

Shattered: How to Overcome a Broken Marriage teaches couples how to create a brand new relationship from the pieces of a broken one. This book provides a biblically sound blueprint for husbands and wives to move from hurt to healed using God’s word as the foundation and the Mitchells’ sage wisdom for insight and inspiration. Read it now!  

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