What Message Are You Sending?

HAVE YOU EVER said something you assumed was innocent and simple, but it caused a major blow-up with your partner — leaving you totally confused? If not, consider yourself lucky … because many of us Read More

The Sweetness of Submission

SUBMISSION IS A WORD THAT CAN CHANGE THE MOOD of many who have been hurt, abused, misused, or disrespected. Submission defined through a warped cultural perspective can (and has) caused damage within some marriages. To get a proper view of submission in a marriage, we must first look at Scripture. Read More

Make Sure He Knows How You Feel

IT WAS A FRIDAY NIGHT, much like any other night during our third year of marriage. The light from the kitchen spilled into our family room as we watched yet another action movie Read More

Save Your Marriage

MARRIAGE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL, but it’s tough. Yeah, romance is nice – but when real-life challenges arrive, too few couples survive. So, what’s the key to saving your marriage? Read More