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If your marriage is in trouble, you’ve come to the right place. We help couples pick up the broken pieces — mending trust, strengthening communication, deepening intimacy, and awakening a new level of excitement. These sessions are designed for couples who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and do the “hard work.” This investment pays big dividends. You’ll finally have the marriage that you’ve longed for.


The Marriage Investment System is designed for couples who are ready to make a long-lasting investment in their marriage. Our method combines time-tested biblical truths, research theories, practicums, and prayer. As a result, couples are able to yield high returns in their marriage — taking their relationship to new heights.

God designed the marital union to be an enjoyable, encouraging, erotic, and ever-growing experience. So don’t settle for less. Our system will help you build a healthy, happy marriage and restore whatever pieces have been broken along the way. While focusing on Five Key Marital Assets (Communication, Conflict Management, Intimacy, Finances, and Family), our system delivers a personalized marriage investment plan for you.

  • HYBRID OPTIONS AVAILABLE (online and in-person)

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Conservative Investment - $895

If your marriage is in “pretty good shape,” but you want to invest in a maintenance plan, this option is ideal. The Conservative Investment helps couples identify potential areas of growth and spot challenges before they occur.

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Moderate Investment - $1095

Marriage is no “easy street.” In fact, the gravel and potholes along the way can lead to a fatal crash — if left unaddressed. The Moderate Investment is for couples who see themselves headed down the wrong path. With the overwhelming hustle and stresses of life (work, family, bills, and obligations), marriages can suffer. But, this investment plan gives couples the strength to rise above their challenges and save their marriage before it’s too late.

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Aggressive Investment - $2,095

When all seems lost, the Aggressive Investment plan helps couples see the light at the end of the tunnel. No marriage is beyond repair, but it will take work — and a lot of it! This option is designed for couples who are at the point of marital desperation. It digs (deep) down into the root of marital difficulties — rebuilding trust, healing unbearable wounds, opening channels of communication, and restoring the hope that has been lost.

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Affair Recovery - $2,495

The pain one experiences after the discovery of betrayal from their partner has been described by many couples, as one akin to death. The trauma of an affair takes time and much healing to recover from. Our counselors are trained in Trauma informed care and recovery. We will journey with you through this difficult time in your life, and relationship. We are committed and trained to walk you through the steps of recovery. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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Six Sessions (60 minutes): - $695

The process of preparing for a long-lasting and exciting marriage should be fun and life-changing. In each session, we prepare you for the challenges that married couples face — while helping you explore your deep and most-intimate desires. From money, sex, kids, and spirituality … to communication, expectations, and dreams — everything is on the table, and we make it fun!

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