Laws of Attraction — Dating 101

Many singles confuse being “in love” with true love. In this session (Laws of Attraction), we offer practical steps for dating and learning how to tell if a love-interest is really “The One.”


  • How to determine if it’s love or lust
  • The difference between being “in love” and actually loving someone
  • Are you on the same page? — What are the visions and goals for the relationship
  • Can you pass the compatibility test?
  • Dating Dos and Don’ts

Pre-Marital Counseling — Things to consider before saying “I Do”

In these premarital sessions, the goal is to expose marital expectations (the realistic and the “not-so-realistic”). The following six (and essential) topics help a couple prepare for a lifetime together:

  • Money (how you've used it, and how you expect to deal with it)
  • Sex (your prior experiences, and your expectations in marriage)
  • Power (who's the boss? why? how was it in your family and growing up?)
  • Faith (the importance of shared values, especially in spiritual matters)
  • Family (roles and expectations within the family unit, including parenting)

The Work — After the Wedding Ends, the Marriage Begins

We’ve all heard that marriage is “hard work” — but, what does that work actually entail? This session helps couples roll up their sleeves and get to the bottom of tough-marital issues. If your marriage is in need of a “911 call,” these sessions will help mend the broken pieces.


  • Setting and maintaining expectations
  • Understanding his needs/her needs
  • Maintaining finances
  • How to keep the fire burning

Shattered — How to Restore the Trust in Your Relationship

Many couples are chasing after "The American Dream" — a dream that somehow seems elusive and unobtainable. Still others acquire the “American Dream,” and something shatters their perfect picture. In this session, we discuss the dynamics of what happens when trust is broken in a relationship (either through infidelity, pornography, abuse, or some other issue). Using the Ministry of Reconciliation, we identify steps that help couples "Pick up the Pieces,” “Reframe the Vision," and “Move Forward.”


  • How to be reconciled to ourselves
  • How to reconcile ourselves to each other
  • How to reconcile ourselves back to God
  • How to pick up the pieces and reframe the vision
  • Voices and lessons from the Bible

Effective Communication — Walk Together as One

Communication is one of the most important elements in any relationship, but especially the marital relationship. Through communication, we are able to express our feelings, emotions, needs, wants, and desires. It is amazing how many marriages fall apart because of poor communication. The Bible teaches, “In all of our getting … get an understanding.” It also asks, “Can two walk together, unless they agree?” In this session, couples are given the tools needed to strengthen their communication and finally walk “together” as one.


  • Common barriers to effective communication
  • Tips to improve communication
  • Effective listening skills
  • Identifying your communication style
  • Identifying your temperament

Conflict Resolution — Learning How to Fight Fair

All couples experience differences and disagreements in their relationships. Studies show that the amount of disagreements don’t impact marital happiness as much as how disagreements are handled. Happy couples do not avoid conflict; they resolve it while remaining respectful. In this session, we provide practical solutions that will assist any couple with managing conflict.


  • Common reasons why couples fight
  • How to de-escalate an argument
  • How to take an adult time out
  • Rules of engagement

Romance and Intimacy — You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

Is your marriage lacking intimacy? Has affection been lost in your relationship? Although the first (and most obvious) sign that things have “cooled” between a couple is a lack of sex — or the loss of a genuine “connection” during sex — "intimacy" covers a broad range of things. It can be transparent conversations, touching, kissing, cuddling, and any form of closeness that creates an emotional connection. In this session, we help couples rekindle (and strengthen) their lost flame.


  • The difference between sex and intimacy
  • Barriers that prevent intimacy
  • Understanding his needs and her needs
  • Tips to regain intimacy and restore the passion in your marriage